Callum Ingram-Taylor
Trainee Solicitor

Callum Ingram-Taylor

Accreditations: GDL & LPC at BPP University


Callum Ingram-Taylor: A Journey through Immigration Advocacy and Beyond

Educational Foundations and Legal Pursuits

Joining Latitude Law as a caseworker in June 2022, Callum Ingram-Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge shaped by his academic and legal journey. Graduating with a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester in 2016, he continued his legal education at BPP University, completing his GDL and LPC (LLM) between 2017 and 2021.

Diverse Legal Experience

Callum’s professional journey includes prior roles as a caseworker in another legal firm, where he delved into various practice areas such as human rights, employment, and personal injury. His commitment to social justice extended to volunteering for the Manchester Refugee Support Network, providing invaluable assistance to asylum seekers and refugees.

Supporting Gemma Tracey: Navigating the Spectrum of Immigration Cases

At Latitude Law, Callum collaborates with Natasha Willett, contributing to a comprehensive array of immigration casework. His expertise spans family, nationality, asylum, human rights, and deportation cases. Additionally, he lends his skills to corporate immigration matters, aiding individuals seeking to work in the UK and companies eager to employ international workers.

Balancing Act: Squash, Reading, and Music

Beyond the legal realm, Callum is at an ambitious squash player, engaging in competitive matches weekly for his local club. His love for literature and music adds depth to his personality, reflecting a well-rounded individual committed to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

Callum’s journey exemplifies a dedication to diverse legal experiences, a commitment to social causes, and a balanced approach to life that mirrors Latitude Law’s ethos of holistic immigration advocacy.