Alexandra Mason

Meet Alexandra: A dedicated professional at Latitude Law, transitioning from caseworker to senior caseworker. Specializing in diverse UK-inbound immigration, she balances legal expertise with compassion, pro bono initiatives, and community engagement


Alexandra Mason: Charting a Compassionate Course in Immigration Law

Caseworker to Senior Caseworker: Alexandra’s Professional Journey

Since joining Latitude Law in April 2021, Alexandra’s trajectory has been one of growth, transitioning from a caseworker to a senior caseworker in 2023. Currently preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Alexandra Mason aspires to achieve solicitor status in 2024. Anchored in Natasha Willett’s team, she specializes in a broad spectrum of UK-inbound immigration.

Expertise in Diverse Immigration Applications

Alexandra’s expertise spans various facets of UK-inbound immigration, with a specialized focus on family, protection, and domestic violence-based applications. Her proficiency extends to handling deportation and citizenship applications, reflecting a holistic understanding of immigration complexities.

Pro Bono Initiatives and Community Engagement

Alexandra actively engages in pro bono initiatives, contributing to a legal surgery for Refugee Women Connect in celebration of International Women’s Day. Committed to community outreach, she regularly attends employment fairs at the University of Manchester, offering valuable advice to overseas students on their employment rights.

Contributions to Legal Discourse

Beyond casework, Alexandra adds her voice to legal discourse through contributions to blog posts on LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal and regulatory intelligence. Her insights contribute to the wider legal community’s understanding of current issues and trends.

Balancing Work and Play: Alexandra’s Personal Pursuits

Outside the legal realm, Alexandra finds joy in playing rounders during the summer, reflecting her commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. Her love for exploration is evident in her enjoyment of travel, and she complements her active pursuits with a passion for running.

In Alexandra, Latitude Law not only has a dedicated professional navigating the intricacies of immigration law but also a compassionate individual actively contributing to community welfare and legal dialogue.