Anna Sullivan

Meet Anna from Latitude Law: A distinguished law graduate and dedicated immigration caseworker, committed to pro-bono work and social justice causes


Anna’s Academic Journey in Law

Anna’s academic career began at the esteemed University of Liverpool, where she pursued her passion for Law. Excelling in her studies, she graduated with a First Class Honours in 2022, a testament to her dedication and expertise in her field.

Postgraduate Excellence and Specialisation

Following her undergraduate success, Anna continued her legal journey at the University of Law, where she completed both the Legal Practice Course and a Master Of Laws in Professional Legal Practice, achieving her degree in July 2023. This further education not only solidified her legal knowledge but also honed her skills in professional legal practices.

Practical Experience in Legal Assistance

Early Career at Citizens Advice

Anna’s practical legal experience began at Citizens Advice, where she played a crucial role in assisting individuals with their applications to the European Union Settlement Scheme. Her work here showcased her ability to apply legal knowledge to real-world situations, offering invaluable support to those in need.

Pro-Bono Contributions at Liverpool Law Clinic

Alongside her postgraduate studies, Anna gained significant experience as an immigration caseworker at Liverpool Law Clinic. Here, she dedicated her time to pro-bono work, focusing on areas such as refugee family reunion, registration, and naturalisation. Her commitment to these areas highlights her passion for immigration law and her dedication to providing aid to those seeking legal help.

Joining Latitude Law

In July 2023, Anna became a valued member of the Latitude Law team, working under the supervision of senior associate Natasha Willett. Her role at Latitude Law allows her to apply her extensive knowledge and experience in immigration law, contributing significantly to the firm’s success.

Personal Interests and Volunteering

Outside of her professional life, Anna is an enthusiastic runner and an avid reader. Her commitment to social causes is evident in her active volunteer work for organisations like Amnesty International and Care4Calais, demonstrating her dedication to human rights and social justice.