Marketing Executive

Belinda Zhang

Belinda Zhang is our Marketing Executive. She is responsible for our digital presence across multiple platforms.


Belinda Zhang: Crafting Cultural Connections and Business Success as Our Marketing Executive

A proud alumna of Mudanjiang Normal University in Heilongjiang, China, Belinda Zhang holds a BA in English Literature, laying the foundation for her journey as our Marketing Executive at Latitude Law. Her international adventure began in 2008, relocating to Italy, and in 2017, she brought her diverse experiences to the UK.

Strategic Initiatives in Italy

During her time in Italy, Belinda showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by founding the Latina Sino-Italian Language and Cultural Exchange Association. She not only taught Chinese but also strategically spread Chinese culture, enhancing the association’s reach and influence.

Marketing Excellence at Latitude Consulting Group

In her role as our Marketing Executive, Belinda seamlessly transitioned her skills to Latitude Consulting Group, the sister company of Latitude Law. Specializing in business investment, incubation, and solutions, she became a pivotal force in our marketing initiatives. Her client interactions enriched her understanding of the challenges faced during relocation, enabling her to tailor marketing strategies that resonate both professionally and personally.

Empathetic Marketing for Smooth Transitions

Belinda’s marketing prowess goes beyond traditional boundaries. Her authentic concern for clients allows her to craft marketing campaigns that not only address professional challenges but also provide invaluable personal support. Belinda is more than a Marketing Executive; she is a compassionate guide, ensuring seamless transitions for our clients. She often works with Joshua Stubbs-Chapman and Rebecca McIndoe.

Global Perspectives and Linguistic Brilliance

Outside the office, Belinda indulges her love for travel and literature, reflecting her passion for global connections. As a multilingual Marketing Executive, her proficiency in Mandarin adds a unique dimension to our team, symbolizing our commitment to diverse communication.

In summary, Belinda is not just a Marketing Executive; she is the architect of cultural connections and business success. From Italy to the UK, her journey exemplifies her dedication to fostering global understanding, making her an indispensable asset in our pursuit of excellence at Latitude Law.