Claire Livesey Portrait
Practice Manager

Claire Livesey

Qualified as a solicitor: 1994


Claire Livesey: Orchestrating Excellence as Practice Manager at Latitude Law

Legal Journey and Expertise

With a qualification as a Solicitor in 1994, Claire Livesey boasts over a decade of experience in private practice for a national law firm. Her journey took a unique turn when she transitioned to become In House Counsel for a footwear importer. Recognizing her wealth of legal experience, Latitude Law welcomed Claire as Practice Manager in 2016.

Key Areas of Leadership

As Practice Manager, Claire oversees pivotal domains, ensuring Latitude Law operates seamlessly. Her responsibilities span Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Business Development, and Premises & Facilities Management. Claire’s adept leadership in these areas contributes to the firm’s overall efficiency and success.

Balancing Work and Passion

While Claire’s marathon running days are behind her, she remains an advocate for an active lifestyle. Her pursuits include regular gym sessions and leisurely walks and cycles in sunny climes. Beyond personal fitness, Claire channels her passion for sports into coaching her daughter’s U17 netball team, showcasing her dedication beyond professional realms.

Claire’s multifaceted role at Latitude Law not only underscores her legal acumen but also highlights her ability to orchestrate excellence in diverse managerial domains. With a commitment to efficiency and a passion for a well-rounded life, Claire plays a crucial role in the firm’s success.