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Hannah Phelvin

Meet Hannah, a dedicated Caseworker at Latitude Law since 2022, weaving a narrative of linguistic prowess, cross-cultural experiences, and a passion for human rights into her legal advocacy journey.**


Embarking on a Legal Journey: Hannah Phelvin ‘s Story Unveiled

Introduction to Latitude Law Journey

Hannah’s journey with Latitude Law commenced in 2022 when she joined as a Caseworker, bringing a unique blend of experiences and a passion for legal advocacy.

Educational Background: A Fusion of Languages and Literature

Graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2015 with a BA in English Literature and Hispanic Studies, Hannah’s educational foundation laid the groundwork for her diverse professional journey.

Translation and Editorial Roles: Bridging Cultures

Post-graduation, Hannah Phelvin ventured into the world of translation and editorial roles, both in Italy and the UK. These experiences not only enriched her linguistic skills but also provided insights into cross-cultural communication.

Legal Qualification Pursuit: From LLM to Bar Practice Course

In 2021, Hannah undertook an LLM Qualifying Law degree at Liverpool John Moores University, a pivotal step towards her legal aspirations. During this period, she actively contributed to the university’s international human rights clinic, gaining hands-on experience in the field.

Commitment to Legal Volunteerism: NCDV, Amnesty International, and YLAL

Furthering her commitment to social justice, Hannah pursued the Bar Practice Course at the University of Law. Simultaneously, she dedicated her time to volunteering with notable organizations, including the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV), Amnesty International, and Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL).

Hannah’s multifaceted background and dedication to legal volunteerism underscore her commitment to making a positive impact in the legal field. As she continues her journey with Latitude Law, her diverse skills and experiences contribute to the firm’s ethos of providing comprehensive and compassionate legal support.