Legal Secretary

Hayley Allan

Hayley Allan always welcomes people to Latitude Law with a smile and a warm greeting.


Hayley Allan: Fostering Client Connections with a Hospitality Touch

Welcoming Hospitality in Legal Support

Hayley Allan, welcomed aboard Latitude Law in March 2023, seamlessly blends her hospitality background with legal support. Completing a Legal Secretary Diploma, she embodies a service-oriented approach, ensuring client interactions exude professionalism and warmth.

Efficient Legal Assistance

In her role as a legal secretary and receptionist, Hayley is more than an administrator—she’s a key player in fostering a positive client experience. The efficiency she brings to her tasks complements the welcoming atmosphere at Latitude Law.

Active Pursuits Beyond the Desk

Beyond the legal world, Hayley prioritizes a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in walks and attending Pilates classes, she emphasizes well-being. Her leisure pursuits include refining pool playing and poker skills, showcasing her commitment to personal growth and skill enhancement

In summary, Hayley’s journey at Latitude Law is marked by a unique blend of hospitality expertise and legal service. Her role as a legal secretary and receptionist is not just about administrative tasks; it’s about creating a welcoming environment and fostering positive client connections. In and out of the office, Hayley embodies the spirit of assistance and continual improvement, making her an invaluable asset to the Latitude Law team.