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Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee: A seasoned solicitor crafting excellence in immigration law. From academic heights at Edinburgh University to a dynamic journey at Latitude Law.


Crafting Excellence in Immigration Law: Jessica Lee ‘s Transformative Journey

Embarking on Global Insights

Jessica Lee’s academic voyage, graduating from Edinburgh University¬† with an MA in German and Russian, led to a transformative two-year venture in Berlin, honing her skills in international logistics.

Multifaceted UK Career

Upon returning to the UK in 2016, Jessica Lee seamlessly transitioned into diverse multilingual business roles, diversifying her professional skill set. Continuing her educational pursuits, she completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Navigating Latitude Law

Embracing a new chapter at Latitude Law in early 2020, Jessica’s journey unfolded dynamically. Her dedication materialized in a training contract initiation in 2021, culminating in her qualification as a solicitor in spring 2023.

Expertise Unveiled

Jessica’s areas of specialization, spanning family migration and complex asylum work, showcase her nuanced understanding of immigration complexities. Beyond legal practice, she actively contributes insightful articles to the news section of the Latitude Law website.

Harmonizing Personal and Professional

In her leisure, Jessica finds joy in reading and playing the violin, revealing a harmonious blend of personal passions with her professional commitment to the dynamic realm of immigration law. Her journey embodies resilience, growth, and a commitment to excellence.