This is a photo of our associate, Joel Reiss

Joel Reiss

Meet Joel Reiss, an indispensable force at Latitude Law since 2016. As a seasoned solicitor specializing in complex immigration cases, Joel brings expertise, passion, and a commitment to positive impact.


Navigating Immigration Challenges with Joel Reiss: A Legal Professional’s Journey

Professional Path at Latitude Law

Joel Reiss has been an integral part of Latitude Law since 2016. He first graduated from Durham University in 2013 with a degree in Archaeology. Then after qualifying as a solicitor in July 2019, he quickly ascended to the role of Associate in early 2023.

Specialization in Complex Cases

Joel specializes in intricate asylum, human rights, and deportation cases. His expertise lies in preparing and delivering compelling arguments for leave outside of the UK’s Immigration Rules, often relying on compassionate or exceptional circumstances.

Advocacy at Immigration Tribunals

Frequently appearing before the Immigration Tribunal – both First-tier and Upper Tribunals – Joel passionately represents clients in their appeal hearings. Additionally, he shares his insights and legal perspectives through articles authored for the news section of Latitude Law’s website.

Educational Background and Career Transition

Joel’s journey began with a degree in archaeology at Durham University. After completing the Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course at the University of Law, he earned a Masters in Law and Business. Initially venturing into corporate and personal injury law, Joel redirected his career to Latitude Law, driven by a desire to leverage his education and training to make a positive impact.

Balancing Professional and Personal Pursuits

Beyond the legal realm, Joel is an avid hill walker and a qualified mountain leader. With Fern, his 3-year-old Springer, he often explores the heights. A dedicated sportsman, Joel engages in hockey multiple times a week and unwinds with board games at his local board game café.