Marketing And Analytics

Joshua Stubbs Chapman

Joshua is part of Latitude Law's Marketing Team, he specialises in bringing a new perspective to strategies.


Joshua Stubbs Chapman – Analytics and Marketing Assistant

Bringing a creative flair to our analytics and marketing team, Joshua Stubbs Chapman stands as a valuable asset in our pursuit of excellence.

Joshua Stubbs Chapman’s Professional Background

Rooted in the retail sector, Joshua has honed an acute understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics. His proficiency in photography not only amplifies his narrative communication skills but also seamlessly aligns with the nuanced world of analytics and marketing.

Academic Pursuits

Currently immersed in a T-level program in software development, Joshua showcases a steadfast commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements. His academic endeavors not only underscore his dedication but also highlight his intent to enhance technical expertise for contributing to our team’s success.

Creative Insight

Joshua’s analytical approach harmonizes with a creative vision, enabling him to craft innovative solutions for complex marketing challenges. This distinctive fusion of analytical rigor and creative thinking positions him as a valuable contributor to our strategic initiatives. Joshua and Rebecca Mcindoe collaborate to execute these strategies and ideas effectively.

Youthful Perspective

In an industry often steeped in experience, Joshua emerges as a young professional injecting a fresh perspective into our discussions. His age not only underscores ambition but also fosters a dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere within our team.

Interests Beyond Work

Outside the realms of analytics and marketing, Joshua finds joy in gaming and has a diverse taste in music, spanning genres like Hip Hop, Electronic, and Metal. Always ready for a conversation on favorite albums, he also has a passion for 90s JDM Performance Cars, with a special fondness for the Mitsubishi Evo —adding a unique layer to the fabric of our team.

In summary, Joshua Stubbs Chapman is a dedicated professional with a distinctive skill set, contributing to the success of our analytics and marketing endeavors through a blend of experience, academic pursuit, and a creative approach.