Katherine Lunt Photo
Trainee Solicitor

Katherine Lunt

Accreditations: LLB from the University of Leicester; LPC & LLM at the University of Law


Navigating Immigration Horizons with Katherine Lunt

Educational Foundations at the University of Leicester

Katherine Lunt’s legal journey commenced with an LLB from the University of Leicester in 2018. Following her academic milestone, she gained hands-on experience in the residential property team at a high street solicitors.

Latitude Law Integration in 2021

In 2021, Katherine Lunt brought her acquired skills to Latitude Law, following the completion of her LPC and LLM at the University of Law. During her academic tenure, Katherine actively participated in the East Manchester Legal Advice Centre, offering pro bono legal advice on employment matters.

Striving Towards Solicitor Qualification

Embarking on her training contract in March 2023, Katherine sets her sights on qualification as a solicitor in August 2024. Anchored in Latitude Law’s London office, she collaborates within Gemma Tracey’s team, managing a diverse portfolio of immigration applications.

Versatile Role in Gemma Tracey’s Team

Katherine’s responsibilities span a spectrum of immigration applications, from family visas to asylum appeals and sponsor licence applications. Her expertise is not confined to casework; she also contributes valuable articles to the news section of Latitude Law’s website.

Embracing London’s Vibrancy

Outside the legal realm, Katherine immerses herself in London’s vibrant culture, exploring the city’s rich tapestry. Her recent move to the capital aligns with her enjoyment of discovering new facets of the metropolis.

Holistic Pursuits Beyond Work

In her leisure, Katherine prioritizes well-being by attending exercise classes with friends. This holistic approach mirrors her commitment to balance personal fulfillment with professional excellence in the dynamic field of immigration law.