Here is one of our Caseworker's Olivia Brooks

Olivia Brooks


Olivia Brooks: Nurturing Expertise and Diversity in Immigration Law

Academic Prowess and Professional Versatility

Olivia Brooks, a distinguished graduate with a first-class LLB Hons Law Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in July 2022, brings a robust academic foundation to her role at Latitude Law. What sets Olivia apart is her diverse professional background, spanning marketing, finance, housing, and the public sector. This multifaceted experience equips her with a unique skill set, making her a valuable addition to the immigration law field.

Aiding Solicitors Jessica Lee and Katerina Woodcock

Within Latitude Law, Olivia primarily collaborates with solicitors Jessica Lee and Katerina Woodcock, providing comprehensive support across a spectrum of immigration casework. Her responsibilities encompass family visas, skilled worker visas, naturalisation applications, and visit visas. Olivia’s involvement extends to contributing insightful blog posts on current immigration issues, showcasing her passion for the field.

Aspirations for Qualification and Professional Growth

Olivia’s commitment to qualifying as a solicitor underscores her long-term dedication to professional growth. This ambition, combined with her academic achievements, lays a solid foundation for a successful legal career. Olivia’s proactive approach and diverse experiences position her to navigate legal challenges with a nuanced perspective, ensuring a meaningful and impactful contribution to the legal profession.

Olivia Brooks exemplifies the intersection of academic excellence, professional versatility, and a commitment to continuous growth, making her an integral part of Latitude Law’s dynamic team.