Marketing and Analytics Manager

Rebecca McIndoe

Rebecca McIndoe is Latitude Law's Marketing and Analytics Manager. She is responsible for the smooth operation of the team and successful deployment of Marketing Strategies.


Rebecca McIndoe: Creating and Deploying Effective Marketing Strategies.

Boasting a rich career in the dynamic realm of media, Rebecca McIndoe seamlessly transitioned her invaluable skills to her role at Latitude Law. Her journey began with purchasing TV advertising for global blue-chip companies, evolving into the prestigious position of Agency Investment Lead, where she managed a multi-million pound portfolio at Channel 4. This extensive experience laid the foundation for her current role, where Rebecca orchestrates her transferable skills to ensure that Latitude Law’s Marketing Department, consisting of Joshua Stubbs-Chapman and Belinda Zhang, maintains a well-rounded social presence.

Navigating the Intersection of Media and Immigration Law

Rebecca’s expertise extends beyond conventional legal domains, encompassing vital aspects such as revenue analysis, client relationship management, and strategic marketing. Her strategic vision ensures Latitude Law’s continued prominence in the ever-evolving landscape of immigration law. A testament to her multifaceted role, Rebecca oversees the ongoing development of Latitude Law’s secure client portal and document management system – Halcyon DocuMigrate.

Dedication Beyond the Office

Outside the office, Rebecca is not only a proficient professional but also an active community contributor. Volunteering with Manchester Cares, she participates in social clubs that bridge generational, background, and experiential gaps. Her commitment extends to a one-to-one friendship program, fostering connections within the community. Amidst Manchester’s green spaces, Rebecca finds solace in walking her dog, blending her love for nature with her urban lifestyle.

Family and Joy Beyond Work

Adding a personal touch to her life, Rebecca cherishes spending time with her young grandson, a source of joy and fulfillment. As a well-rounded individual, she effortlessly balances her professional pursuits with family bonds, showcasing the depth of her character beyond the confines of the workplace.

In summary, Rebecca stands as a beacon of leadership at Latitude Law, seamlessly integrating her wealth of media experience to elevate the firm’s standing in immigration law. Her commitment to community and family amplifies her influence, embodying a harmonious blend of professional prowess and personal fulfillment.