Sam Jubb Photo
Senior Caseworker

Sam Jubb

Meet Sam: A Legal Expert Navigating the Complexities of UK-Inbound Immigration, Court Advocacy, Educational Outreach, and Global Humanitarian Initiatives with Unmatched Expertise and Dedication.


Navigating Immigration Dynamics with Sam Jubb.

Ascending Roles at Latitude Law

Sam Jubb embarked on his Latitude Law journey as a caseworker on September 2018, achieving senior caseworker status in summer 2023. Currently preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Sam aims to qualify as a solicitor in February 2024.

Expertise in UK-Inbound Immigration

Sam’s expertise spans all facets of UK-inbound immigration, with a specialized focus on family immigration, deportation, citizenship, and protection-based applications.

Courtroom Advocacy and Detention Advice

Sam’s dynamic role extends to representing clients at the First-tier Tribunal, guiding them through immigration bail and asylum hearings. He actively participates in asylum interviews and provides crucial advice to detainees at Manchester Airport Short-Term Holding Facility.

Educational Outreach and Legal Contributions

Sam is not only a legal professional but an advocate for education, leading immigration seminars and engaging with students at Manchester Metropolitan University. He regularly contributes valuable insights to blog posts on LexisNexis.

Humanitarian Contributions and Global Impact

Beyond borders, Sam extends his legal expertise to humanitarian efforts. He has volunteered for charities like the British Red Cross Refugee Support Team and the Liverpool Law Clinic. His global impact includes volunteering in Calais refugee camp with Care4Calais and co-founding I Have Rights, a legal and political NGO on the Greek island of Samos.

Personal Pursuits and Football Fandom

Outside the legal realm, Sam is an avid traveler and a dedicated Newcastle United fan. His passion for the team is exemplified by a trip back from Australia to witness the 2023 League Cup Final, despite the outcome.