Worker Bee Portrait
Busiest Buzzing Bee

Worker Bee


The Un-BEE-lievable Bee: A Manchester Marvel

Meet our buzzing wonder, the Worker Bee, who landed in the hive (office) in October 2018 after a summer of enchanting Manchester as part of the #BeeInTheCity project by @WildinArt. This formidable team member, adorned in Mancunian pride, flew in from St Hives to contribute its incredible energy to our hive.

Busy as a Bee

Our Worker Bee isn’t just any statue; it’s the busiest, buzzing bee in the office, embodying the spirit of Manchester’s industrious bees. With wings of steel and a heart for collaboration, the Worker Bee symbolizes our commitment to diligence, community, and client service.

Mancunian Melody

From the heart of Manchester, our buzzing marvel hums a Mancunian melody, harmonizing with the city’s vibrant spirit. As it advises clients across P.Bee.S categories, it doesn’t just work; it dances to the rhythm of Manchester’s iconic beats. Our Worker Bee: a symbol of unity, diligence, and Mancunian pride.